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Maxicare EReady Health Insurance Coverage

All Comprehensive Plan enrollees will be given a chance to have 1 year insurance coverage through Maxicare EReady

Maxicare EReady is a one-time medical emergency prepaid health card that covers illnesses or injuries that require immediate medical assistance.

Product Features

  • Provides up to ₱ 15,000 one – time coverage on illnesses or injuries that arises from medical-related emergency conditions

  • Eligible for individuals from 15 days old to 65 years old

  • One-time availment, but up to two enrollment registration per person per year

  • Easy registration via SMS – No preliminary check-up, no paperwork

  • Nationwide ER access to Maxicare-affiliated hospitals

  • One(1) affiliated hospital within 24 hours

  • One(1) year from date of activation

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